D(at)YW: Training of Trainers for Digital Education – Day 2

For three days (July 7-9th, 2020), 22 educators across all of Europe took part in the training of trainers, provided by the Erasmus+ KA2 project DYW – Upgrading Digital Youth Work. This event is a continuation of the project where youth workers, trainers and education managers came together to discuss various topics about particular digital skills and different ways of teaching those digital skills – even testing the soon to be launched e-learning platform.

During the second day, after reviewing previous days successes and experimenting with digitally initiated energizers, the educators took part in exploring the topic of ??‍? Social Media Marketing, prepared by Sara Moretton from Treball, estades i formació – Open Europe Reus. Right off the organizer got participants active with a branding game using a digital tool called view.genial.ly and continued with a deep session into branding meditation ??‍♀️. Where individuals went through a mindful exercise, paying attention to little details of what goes into brand and branding. The feedback and reflection was positive in support of using non formal offline methods within digital sphere. 

Following a short offline lunch, the participants returned for an afternoon that continued with the focus on ? Graphic & Media Design, prepared by Ellie Devereux from Lancaster Morecambe EU. The trainer, with her energy, presented the theoretical concepts and went into practice right away. In one exercise, the educators had to visualize a quote ?. In another, they were broken into smaller teams and had to come up with a team response that would be captured digitally across their space. Some interesting tools were behance.net and rule of the thirds, from breaking away with the symmetry. 

Ellie is leading her session on Media and Graphic Design.

With high energy and great second day, reflections were positive as learning continued. With two days done and one more day to go, participants were quite friendly with each other and looking forward for more.

?? Thank to the whole consortium for participation!
Plattform e.V.
CGE Culture Goes Europe – Soziokulturelle Initiative Erfurt e.V.
European Digital Learning Network
Emphasys Centre
Treball, estades i formació – Open Europe Reus
Lancaster & Morecambe College

D@YW: Training of Trainers for Digital Education – Day 2️⃣For three days (July 7-9th, 2020), 22 educators across all…

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