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D(at)YW – Upgrading Digital Youth Work is an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership for innovation and exchange of good practises. The project pioneers to design a Complete Tool Kit and a Knowledge Pack for developing, implementing and monitoring various inclusive strategies for promoting deep digital skills.

Methodological approach

Utilizing the non-working time

(i.e. after school/college, summertime, afternoon) available in a constructive way to set up a deep tech club.

Introducing Open Badges

as a method to validate and award the digital skills acquired by both young people and youth workers.

Creating synergies

between youth organisations, schools and the business world in order to bridge the skills-gap between education and the labour market.

Creating transnational cooperation

between partners for the organisation of competitions, events, C1 mobility, digital movement as part of the EU strategy.


During the first stage the consortium is conducting various surveys to identify the existing digital skills gap between young people’s abilities and the existing requirements of the job market.

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The second stage is about designing and developing all essential teaching and learning material to support the promote of deep-tech digital skills through synergies and hubs.

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At the third stage a short-term training for youth workers will be organised to test all developed materials.

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After testing, the feedback will be incorporated into the designed product and presented again to the wider audience.

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During the final phase of the project’s dissemination plan, which includes the completion of the planned activities and the implementation of the D(at)YW for digital literacy, each partner will organise a national conference in their country. 

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Current Numbers

Surveyed youngsters


businesses interviewed


modules to be developed


deep tech clubs to start


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  • Transnational Meeting #2

    October 14th-15th, 2019 in Lancaster, UK.

  • Transnational Meeting #3
  • Short-term Joint Staff Training
  • Multiplier Events
  • Transnational Meeting #4
  • Final Conference
  • Kick-Off Meeting


IO1: Focus group in Spain

The focus group conducted in Spain took place in November, 2019. After organising an informative session and two focus groups, OpenEurope collected participants’ feedback, and elaborated a summary of the conclusion reached by the facilitators, young people and youth workers. The methodology followed by the partnership was based on research, national reports, data collection via…

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Visit to Local Stakeholders in Erfurt: CGE goes ByteSpeicher

On November 20th, 2019 the team of CGE Erfurt e.V. went to give a visit to a local hub for computer and technology admirers, ByteSpeicher. Together with another location, Makerspace, it was initiated by Verein für Technikkultur in Erfurt, and exists at Liebknechtstraße 8, gathering every Wednesday young and old to create, re-pair, re-cycle and…

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IO1: Focus group in Milan, Italy

In November 2019, a focus group was conducted in Milan, Italy, with the goals of understanding the opinions, beliefs of the participants and investigate their knowledge of the subject of digital skills and competencies. The aim of the focus group activity was to collect additional qualitative data on the theme ‘digital skills and competencies applied…

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